I’ve revived this blog several times with different focuses over the years. Waaaaay back it used to be a forum with about 160 users. That was probably 2001 or so right after the completely flash based website.

Because of this, I’ve been reluctant to resurrect it again for any reason, but hesitant to give up the domain as well. So I let it collect the dust of the internet for about a year this time around. During this time I started other projects and endeavors, but for some reason, I keep wanting to write regularly again and need a good place to do it.

I need the consistency to my writing and to my artwork again. A place to pull all the projects together in a unified way.

So it’s back. But sufficiently distant so that I can do new things without any expectations about what is going to happen here. A blank canvas. I look forward to rejoining the (is it still called a blogosphere?) community.